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With Affordable Pricing for Windows 10 Operating System

News Alert 3-3-2020 - 6-1-2020 : To our value customers: Dumb Computer Repair will not do any house call during this Covid-19 pandemic. We are only offering desktop support to our customer. Please call Dumb Computer Repair and click here for Desktop Support.

"Is your computer running slow"

Your computer could be infected with a virus, Malware, or Spyware

Give Dumb Computer Repair a call today and we will come to your location to remove all of these nasty critters that slow down your machine.

Let Dumb Computer do all of the work for a low, low price

You don't have to drive to repair your Computer. (We come to you)

You don't have to wait in long line (Free Pick-up and Drop-off with the first two miles in the Boston, MA area)

You don't have to purchased expansive software to repair your Computer or Laptop

Call Dumb Computer Repair

Today for a Computer Diagnostics and Tuneup

  • We can Troubleshoot your PC Remotely

Before you throw away your old PC

617-419-0007 or 781-408-1200

Call Dumb Computer Repair before you toss that old PC

Help you Recover your data before your hard drive stop working

We can remove all types of Viruses, Malware, Spyware and Ramsomware

We can remove all types of nasty toolbars that will slow down your machine

Tuneup your old PC to run much faster

Replace or Install more memory into your computer

We also repair all types of Blue screen of Death and Stop errors

Check Power Supply

Clean and Blow away all that dust

Hyde Park, Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan

Dumb Computer Repair in Boston, MA

We will help restore your old PC For a Low Price

Call 781-408-1200

We Specialize On:

Dell Desktop and Laptop

HP Desktop and Laptop

Dumb Computer Repair

Boston's Best Computer Repair Shop

Virus Removal and PC Repair


Phone Number: 617-419-0007 and 781-408-1200

Boston's best computer repair shop specialize in computer virus removal, computer errors and tune-up

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