The Back-Up Plan

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Back-Up Plan!

Don't wait for a crisis to happen

Backup Your PC Now!

Dumb Computer will help you setup and run a great backup plan on all of your PC that will save you from data lost and have your computer running in no time.

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Don’t know how to backup your data?

Let Dumb Computer Repair do it for you.

Dumb Computer Repair Special $140.00 For Home User Only

External Hard Drive not included

Don’t fall victim to Ransomware.

your cost could be up to pay $300 and up and there’s no guarantee that you will get your data back. (Remember this is the Future)

The Backup Plan: What do I get

1. Basic virus check and removal (include in the price: worth $70.00 dollars value)

2. 1 TB External Hard Drive to back up your PC. You can easily install your save data, if your PC ever becomes encrypted by Cyber criminals you can quickly get your PC running again. (Customer must provide external hard drive or customer must purchase a new one)

3. Setup and create an image backup.

4. 1 Copy of Malwarebytes Premium (one Year of Premium service Include in the price $39.99).

5. Install, setup and Run Malwarebytes Premium.

6. Install and run the latest Microsoft Windows updates and patches.

7. Check for outdated hardware drivers and update them.

8. Check to see if your antivirus is running correctly.

9. Help you save all of your important documents on a USB Flash Drive. (This be should used daily to backup additional documents until you make another image backup).

Customers need to provide a USB flash Drive 64 GB or higher.

10. Call Dumb Computer Repair for a free follow up to make sure your External Hard Drive is backing up properly. Free check-up one time deal before the next 3 month of your purchase date.

11. You can feel empowered: You will learn how to be independent by backing up your own data on a weekly basis.

12. Teach you about safe web surfing and email safety.

13. We will check your hard drive health.

Hard Drive

Because Data-loss is Very, Very Expensive!!!

How can I lose my data?

Not Doing Regular Backups

Hard Drive Failure.

Someone format or deleted all of your important Document by mistake.

Windows Operating System got corrupted

Computer Virus.

Ransomware (Hold your PC hostage Till you pay a fee)

CryptoLocker (Will Encrypt all of your files till you pay $300 to $600 hundred dollars.)

Other Ransomware that will encrypted all of your important documents and photos.

Someone stole your desktop or laptop.

Hard Drive Questions and Answers

Question: When should I back up my PC?

Answer: You should backup right now (you create more than one backup and store one away from home.

Question: What should I do if I hear a clicking noise coming from my computer?

Answer: This may mean that your hard drive is failing, you should backup your PC right away and purchased a new hard drive.

Question: How long does a disk drive last?

Answer: A new hard drive should last about three to five years, Depending on how much you use them.

Question: What should I use to backup my computer?

Answer: You should purchase a 1 TB external hard, USB Flash Drive, SD Memory Card, DVD Disc and purchase an online backup solution like Mozy or Carbonite Online Backup.

Question: How many backup should I saved?

Answer: Dumb Computer Repair wants you to save at least 3 Backups. 1. copy stays at home.

1. Copy at another location (like friends house.) 1. An online backup solution like Mozy or Carbonite Online Backup.

Question: Should I keep my External Hard Drive connected to my computer?

Answer: Simple answer to this question is NO, because you need to avoid your data from being encrypted. One you Perform a backup. Disconnect your USB External Hard Drive from your PC and save your External Hard Drive in a safe place.

Question: How often should I backup my PC?

Answer: Once a week. It's important that you start disciplining yourself.

Question: What is the best way to restore my computer if my data is encrypted by some type of Ramsomware?

Answer: You can do a Image restore then install all missing Documents, Photos, and videos and you will be back in business in less then three hours.

Question: Should I pay the Ransomware to recover my data?

Answer: You are taking a big chance if you decide to pay these bullies and there is no guarantee that you will get back your data so this is why you should back up your data.

If you decided to pay the Ransomeware you may make yourself a bigger target for the next time they want some money from you.

Qurestion: How can I avoid Ransomeware?

Answer: To learn more about Ransomeware please click here.

Don't wait till something happen to your computer