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Post date: Jul 4, 2013 6:13:09 PM

Windows Vista/Windows 7 can detect hardware that is not working properly. To view failed hardware, follow these steps to check your Device Manager.


  • Display Adapter
  • Sound, Video and Game Controllers
  • Network Adapter

  1. First click, right-click Computer, and then click Manage or you can also click on the Start Menu, then on the search bar type "CMD" then a black screen will popup and type in this command "devmgmt.msc.

2. In Control Panel, open System and click the Device Manager link in the Tasks list in the left column.

3. Now see if your device is showing up or have an error.

4. look for any errors that look like these below:

      • A black "i" on a yellow field: indicates that device is missing, that Windows does not recognize a device, or there is device driver problem. (Your device will still work even while seeing this error)
      • A red "X" indicates a disable device. This usually points to a device that's been manually turned off or a damage device. If you have this error you device will not work and need attention.
      • A blue "i" on a white field indicates a device on which someone has configured the system resources manually. This error occur only on non-ACPI systems.

If you see one of these errors that is indicated above, please contact your computer manufacture for assistance.

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