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So its critical that you Backup your PC

A lot of people buy a new computer that runs fast at first, then months later it is running very slow. It isn't the computers fault, it is because you have not maintained it and keep up with all the Microsoft updates to keep running at its peak performance level. So what are some of the reason why does my computer start slowing down?

1. You leave your computer on all the time. (Please restart your computer)

You should always restart your computer when it not running the way you want, also your computer BIOS we do a quick check on your PC hardware and software.

2. Remove any unwanted programs that you install on your computer that you don't use anymore.

Some old programs will slow down your PC, because its running in the background stealing some of you Ram resource. Also virus can creep into you PC if these programs do not get regularly updated.

3. Do not have more than one Antivirus software install in your computer. (This will really slowdown your computer)

It very important that you uninstall the Anti-virus that you don't want. (Check with the Anti-virus Manufacture Website for the correct removal process.)

4. Downloading new software: Always read and unchecked programs you did not request. (This is how many people get unwanted toolbar on their default browser)

Please see image below

Make sure you always read and uncheck any other software you don't want, like the example you see here above.(Remember do not install two Anti-virus into your PC.)

5. Too many toolbars will slow down your computer and its very hard to remove.

Watch out for these Toolbars:Babylon Toolbar, Whitesmoke Toolbar, Babylon, AVG Toolbar, Weather Toolbar, Ask.Com Toolbar, Bearshare Toolbar,

6. You may have a computer virus that is slowing down your PC.

Make sure your Anti-virus is turn on and have the latest definitions update install. You also download malwarebytes, update the latest definitions and run.(Free Version) Malwarebytes works great with your anti-virus.

If you want a great backup

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7. Please remove dusts or cat hair from your PC. (Please use a Compressed air can to blow out Desktop or laptop.)

Your computer will slow down when your PC heats up and not venting out hot air from your PC.

Please open up your computer and blow out any dust or hair that in on your PC Components, Fans, and vents.

Check to see if your PC fans is pushing the hot air out from your PC, and the front case fan is pulling-in some cool air.

8. Microsoft Windows Updates: Not having the latest patches for you PC, will make computer very vulnerable to all types of viruses.

Please make sure you have the latest Microsoft's updates installed on your PC.

also check to see if your Internet browser plug-in are up-to date.

9. Memory Upgrade: you may need to upgrade your RAM to speed up your PC.

Upgrading your computer RAM will help speed-up your PC, so check with your computer’s manufacture to find out the type of RAM you would need and the highest size you can get. (Please remember that RAM is extremely sensitive to ESD) The Slightest touch to your RAM module can kill it. Please click on the link below to find out more information about ESD.

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