Things you should do before you call a Tech

Dumb Computer will not be responsible for any damage that may occur to your PC.
So its critical that you Backup your PC

1. Please Don’t Panic: You don’t want to make things worse for you or your computer.

2. Save your current work: Sometimes this isn’t possible but if you can save your work you will save a lot of time later by not having to re-do

3. Please Backup all of your important Documents, Files, Photos, and Media files before your computer crash on you. Please make sure that all of your important document is saved on a USB, CD,DVD External Hard Drive,Online Secure Backup or Google Drive before you shut down or restart your computer.


4. Now you can restart your computer, this may resolve most of your computer issue. Now the best way to completely shut down your computer  is to click on the start button then click on the shut down button and pull the power cord and press your computer power button for about 10 seconds. Now let it sit there for about 2 minutes then put the power cord and restart your computer.


Other Issue

5. Check all cords and wires: Sometimes your cords or wires have gotten loose. So double-check all cables and plugs that is plugged into your computer and wall outlet.

        I.          Desktop wont power up:  Check  AC plug from your Desktop to the wall outlet. Please try plugging a lamp to see if you got power there.  Also check power strip to see if you got any power.  



      II.        Computer monitor wont power on:   Check AC plug to your Monitor

    III.          Mouse will not move: Check  USB Mouse   (green mini-DIN mouse port)

    IV.           Keyboard doesn't work: Check USB Keyboard ( or purple 6-pin mini-DIN)


      V.         Printer not working: Check Printer cable or RJ-45

    VI.           No display on monitor: Check monitor DB 15 pin Connector or DVI Connectors  (Video)

  VII.          No Internet connection: Check  RJ-45   Cable that goes to (Computer to Router) Check to see if you have a solid light

VIII.           Check RJ-11  Cable to your Fax Machine

    IX.        No sounds coming out of my speakers:  Check  Speaker Plugs  (Make sure you plug into the matching colors) also check volume.


6. Write down all new hardware and software you install earlier into your computer. (Did any error appear while installing new hardware or software).
Write down computer Serial number and model number 
Service Tag number
What version of Operating System you are using currently
New software you just added
New hardware you just added
Recent Backup name and date
Computer purchased date 
Anti-virus program
List your computer program that are important to you
Software programs that you can not find
Software Product key
You can double click and print a Dumb Computer Repair form below

Dumb Computer Repair Customer Fill

7. Check to see if it your hardware: Please click on the start button; look for my computer and right-click your mouse and then select manage. A new Window will pop-up. Look for device manager and double click on it. See if you have any question mark or explanation point on any of the devices. Please write it down.

8. Check for Viruses:  Please update your Anti-virus definition and run a full scan on your computer to make certain you don’t have any viruses or spyware causing your computer to act up. You should also download and run a free version of Malwarebytes in safemode or you can buy Malwarebytes Pro Version that will clean and protect your computer at all times. (Before running Malwarebytes make sure you update virus definition.) Please check how many Anti-virus is running on your computer. ( having more then one Anti-virus will cause your computer not function properly.)

9. If your computer is still acting up, you should start looking for all your CD software that came with your computer. (Operating System, Drivers, Programs) Remember before you do a re install or call for a computer technician, make sure you backup all of your important files, media, and programs.

10. Once you find all of your CD, you can try installing the Operating yourself or you can call a professional Tech that you fell comfortable to work with and let him do it all.

Now You are ready for a Tech

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