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Dumb Computer PC Repair

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No cost to you, If I can't fix it

Call or Text Me Phone: 617-419-0007 or 781-408-1200

Email: Robertgu@dumbcomputerrepair.com


Coming Soon !!!

Hi just a few things I'm getting rid of. Please call or text me at 617-419-0007 if you want to come by and see what for sale.

  • Video Camera
  • Video Camera
  • Books

Computer Desktop Remote Service for One Computer Only:

Help Repair Computer and speed up your computer. Dumb Computer Desktop Remote can assist you with only one of the following items.(Computer Tune-Up, Help remove some Virus and Malware from your computer,

Clear Some Computer Errors, Personal One to One Training).

Subpages (2): Desktop remote connection code: Help Remove Virsuses and Malware in the Boston, Dorchester, Mattapan, Canton, Milton and Stoughton area How To Video

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Roberto Gutierrez

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