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By Rob Gutierrez

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Make Sure you are running the latest Internet Explorer browser

Disk Defragmenter

1. Click on start menu/ Accessories/ System Tools/ Disk Disfragmenter

2. Now click on Disk Disfragmenter and box will open up

3. Click on Defragment tab, and now it will start to analyze your computer

4. you see another box open up telling you how much free space you have and asking you to run the Disk Defragmenter.

5. Please click yes (This may take several hours to run)

6. Another screen will pop up, telling you that Defragmentation is complete.

7. Select view report button

8. Now you can print or save report. done

Virus software that protect your PC

I don't waste my money on Anti-Virus software except for malwarebytes

1. Microsoft Security Essentials (Free download Make sure you update your definition everyday.

2. Malwarebytes Pro version $24.99 This for the life of your computer. If you can not afford the Pro version you can download a free version at This Software is highly recommended to remove at types of viruses/Malware

3. Comodo Free Firewall ( This will give you an extra security layer that will work with your windows firewall.

4. WOT (Web of Trust) Free: This software will keep you away from sites that are known to infect your computer. (

Please make sure you update all of your ANTI-Virus software definitions.

Make sure you change your default password on your router (Please call your ISP Internet Service Provider)

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