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Would you like to be an author? Writing a book is hard but getting it published doesn't have to be, not with the opportunities that now exist for self-publishing.

If you want to publish your Amazon Kindle book, but aren't sure how to get started, please give Dumb Computer Repair a call today.

All you have to do is send us a copy of your book in a Microsoft format and Dumb computer will do the rest.

Dumb Computer Repair can help you with putting your book in a Kindle format

My Book will fit in the following devices

*Formatting your book to fit all of Kindle devices.

Ipad and

Android Devices

Desktop Computer

Laptop Computer

Others Services

*Help you add some pictures and images to your Kindle E-book


Help you merge your book cover and Table of Content into your book

We can add links that your readers can click on.

Help you to add it to Amazon.com

Help you put it on Google search (Reach out to a larger audience)

Add to Google Plus and Facebook

Put your ideas in a book

Do you want to share what you know and put it in a Kindle format to fit all devices, we can help.

Your Book pages can range to 5 pages to 1000 pages

Self-Help Books


Craft Book

Yoga Workout Book

Children's Book

Romance Book

Church Leaders

Church Ministry


Other (Please Call 617-419-0007)

Please contact Dumb Computer Repair

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