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Windows Advanced Options Menu

Please do the following at your risk!!!

Dumb Computer Repair is not responsible for any damage that may occur to you or to your computer.

When you experience problems at startup, you can choose from a similar set of options on two separate menus. From Windows XP Professional and Home Edition, Shut off your Computer systems and restart your computer when you see the BIOS flash screen with  you can access the Advanced Options menu, shown here, by pressing F8.

1. The first thing you must do is power down computer, then press the power button on your desktop or laptop

2. Now when you see the Dell BIOS pops up you need to quickly press F-8  several time before you see Windows XP appear on your monitor screen
(Please See the display keyboard below)
 Look for the F-8 Key on your keyboard
If F8 does not work, please look for the function key on at the Manufacturer website
This is the Dell BIOS screen shot (Quickly press F-8 Key)
3. Please Select safe mode (This is without internet connection) or Safe Mode with Networking (This will gave you internet connection) then press the enter key

Please use the arrow keys to move the highlighted cursor up and down and then select safe mode

Safe Mode without networking (You will not be able to connect online)
Safe Mode with networking (You will be able to connect online)
Pick one and press enter

4. When you see this screen and you only have one Operating System install into your computer, press enter.
If you have two Operating Systems or more installed into your computer, please use the arrow keys to select the correct Operating System then press enter.
 5. Now your computer will start to load only the important drivers like you see below. (DO NOT BE AFAIRD:This is normal) 
Safe mode login screen is on its way (Please see below)


 6. Login screen will appear, please press the owner's account

When you get to this screen, please select yes

7. System Restore can be run the same as in normal mode. The only difference is an UNDO restore point will not be automatically created.

 8. Now you will see the user's desktop account appeared with the marking of Safe Mode on the bottom of your screen. (Please see below)
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