System Information for Windows 7

   Here is a  great tip from Boston's Dumb Computer Repair

Do you want to know more about your computer and what type of hardware, drivers, software and operating system do you have, please follow these simple steps.

Please see the YouTube video below 

Option Tip 1

1. Click on your Start Menu Button.  

2. Now click on All Programs.  


3. Now look for Accessories and click on it.    

4. look for System Tool and click on it. 

5. Finally look for System Information and click on it.  


This what you should see.

Option Tip 2 (Much easier tip)

1. Please click on your start button. 

2. Now on the search menu you should type "SYSTEM INFORMATION" then hit enter.

Please view short video below

System Information From Dumb Computer Repair

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