Dumb Computer Repair

If you are 65 years of age or older, please click here

Computer Repair will not charge you per hour for your PC repair
we will only charge you per task.
This way, you know exactly how much it will cost before we start the job.
All fixed rate are for Desktop Remote Session and for Pick-up and Drop-off only

Dumb Computer Repair Price Rate

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Dumb Computer Computer will travel to your location for the first 10 miles free of charge

Dumb Computer Repair  will diagnose all computers to verify the problem and determine whether a part replacement is required. All diagnosis is FREE if you choose to complete the repair at Dumb Computer Repair. 

If you choose not to repair your computer with Dumb Computer Repair, you would only be charge a diagnosis fee of $50.00 unless we are unable to fix your PC or laptop. In such a case, the diagnosis fee will be waived.


If more than one repair is performed on your computer (for example, your Hard Drive and DVD are both replaced), we will add the rates for each repair to obtain a total labor rate, plus the price for whatever replacement parts are required to do the repair. 


All Prices Are Subject To Change Without Prior Notice.

Thank You